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3CX V15.5, Update 3 ALPHA is Available for You to Try Out

Bored during the holidays? Not to worry, we’re releasing SP3 just in time for you to have ample time to test it out and provide us with your feedback. We’ve included IPV6 support, conference setup improvements for the web client, auto-enabled SSL and TLS and we’ve also added a hosting-admin account level.

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New Update to the 3CX SBC Boosts Performance

The 3CX SBC is very popular and used by many of our users to either ensure quality of service, increase security or for connectivity reasons. With this latest update the performance of the 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) has been beefed up so regardless of why you choose to use the 3CX SBC this update is for you.

To start off we’ve increased the default number of RTP ports from 8 to 32 and in the case of a service fail the SBC is automatically restarted. Additionally, this latest update works for Debian 9 and Raspberry Pi (Debian 8 users will have to remain on the previous SBC version until they upgrade to Debian 9).

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