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New updates are available for all four of our clients: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The major focus point of this update is the audio conferencing feature. We’ve really made it easy to create conferences, add participants as well as the options a user has when a conference is ongoing, such as muting, adding and removing participants from an audio conference. Additionally, when an ad-hoc conference is created participants are dialed directly.

Check out the video we have created which takes you on a tour of these improvements:

More features:

Take a look at the new features and improvements included in each of the 3CX clients from their respective change logs:

Coming Soon:

  • We will bring back the ability to schedule a conference (audio and video) directly from clients.
  • We will add an option which allows creators of audio conferences to invite participants via email or call their extension. Will need to be enabled from within the management console.

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