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Audio Conferencing News Flash

The latest SP2 update brought about a change in audio conferencing functionality that has received mixed feedback at best. Unfortunately matters were further complicated by an unforeseen issue that made accessing ad hoc conferencing from the clients difficult. This further aggravated matters. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In this blog post I will highlight our plans to address these matters.

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New Update for the 3CX Clients Brings Audio Conferencing Improvements

New updates are available for all four of our clients: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The major focus point of this update is the audio conferencing feature. We’ve really made it easy to create conferences, add participants as well as the options a user has when a conference is ongoing, such as muting, adding and removing participants from an audio conference. Additionally, when an ad-hoc conference is created participants are dialed directly.

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Get Click to Dial with the CallVia3CX Chrome Extension

With every new improvement and feature of 3CX, we’re introducing ways to make our customers happier and their employees more productive and the CallVia3CX extension for Chrome is no exception!

With the CallVia3CX extension, users can dial phone numbers directly from their CRM or browser by a simple click of the mouse. Numbers are automatically transferred to the 3CX client for Windows ready for the call to be made, eliminating the need to copy and paste or dial. Essentially, it gives every page you visit Click2Call functionality!

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Introducing 3CX Enterprise Edition

Looking for extra peace of mind with the management of your PBX? Well, you’re in luck! As of today, 3CX customers can get their hands on the Enterprise Edition. This comprehensive edition carries all of the great UC and management features as the PRO, with an additional standby license for use with a secondary (standby) machine.

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